Monday, October 16, 2006

Good news and bad news...

Wow. The good news is I have lots and lots of writing to keep me busy. The bad news is, it’s not writing for this blog. So my apologies for skipping out on you. I’ve been completely overwhelmed! Somehow I need to refine my routine. It’s getting there, but I’ve got a ways to go ….

In a few days I will be posting something on this blog that will be utter nonsense – it’s part of the midterm exam I’m giving to my advanced legal research class. I will include a line to that effect, and I will probably use fictitious names just to be safe, but be forewarned!

For now, lots of thoughts have been going on in my head about my daughter’s 14th birthday (today), and music (since concert season has kicked in) and what a jerk Bush is and all the usual stuff.

One big shock in particular – when quit my job, I figured I’d continue my health insurance, which I’m allowed to do through a US law known as COBRA. The catch is you have to pay full price for it. I figured yeah, a few hundred, it’s probably worth it. I got the bill: $1100. PER MONTH. Geez! So now I’m not quite sure what to do. Makes me wish I lived in some other country. We are so ass-backwards in this country….
Ok, I'm aiming for a blog entry tomorrow. Even if it's just to say "hi."


  1. I couldn't keep my great health insurance under COBRA either. It wasn't that high but it was still out of reach and the closest Kaiser was 60 miles away.

  2. That is backwards. It may be modest at times but healthcare is universal here in the north (Canada).

    Happy birthday to your obviously loved daughter.

  3. Dear SubLib,

    2 notes:

    1.) Good to have you back. Sorry I skipped out on you. I just figured that you had given up on writing the blog.

    2.) One thing that you might look into is an insurance aggregator. They basically take a bunch of individuals and are able to place them into a group health insurance plan with lower premiums. Just something to think about.