Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Of Real Estate, Operetta, and Rejections

Yikes! A whole week without a post. I'm determined not to disappear again and there I almost did it!

I was at an intensive real estate seminar for a client last week -- 13 hours a day. I learned a lot. It was a less progressive crowd than I'm used to, so I heard some things I wish I hadn't. But my client seems to be one of the good guys, thank goodness.

This week, it's The Mikado -- the spring musical at my daughter's high school. I am the Prop Lady. My daughter is the Prop Manager. She's the boss. I shop. Then I ask the stage manager to give me money.

Finally, I got the nicest rejection I've ever gotten for a "flash" fiction story about the end of the world. Honest. They said they liked it but it's too short. It's the most encouraging thing I've gotten. Much better than just, "thanks but it didn't fit our needs."

I'm rambling now. Honest, today I'm blogging just for the sake of blogging to make myself do it. I'm not PO'd enough about anything to spend energy writing about it today. Guess that's a good thing.


  1. Have a great time with the Mikado. We read it in English class (junior year or maybe sophomore) complete with a recording our teacher brought in. It was my introduction to G&S and I've been hooked every since.

    Took my youngest to Iolanthe in San Francisco many years ago. Now he's hooked too.

  2. Hey, you're still alive! Wonderful. Hope everything's going well.

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  4. Hope you're doing well.

  5. still hanging out. Hope all goes well with you.

  6. And eve now, we're still here if the libararian would like to post some thoughtful thoughts...