Saturday, July 03, 2010

Notes on a Move

1. I am here, and so is my stuff. Finally.

2. Among the things I can't find: Deoderant. Pillow Talk. Silverware. The cat.

3. There's a used condom and a couple of rolled-up used paper towels in the carport. I'm pretty sure they're not mine.

4. Rocket-the-Dog immediately made herself right at home by peeing on my bed.

5. Forrest, on the other hand. won't pee or poop at all.

6. Kitchens are not designed for short people.

7. I don't think they make HVAC air filters in that size or shape.

8. This time I'm buying a garbage can with wheels.

7. Thank God for 24/7 grocery stores.

8. My life is good today. Disorganized, but good.


  1. Au contraire about kitchens and short people. I'm tall and my back lets me know about it every time i do the dishes because the sink is too low.

    On the other hand, without my Hindu slaves down on hands and knees letting me step up on their backs, even I would never be able to reach the top cupboards. So maybe you're right after all.

  2. You'll find the right air filter. It's on the very bottom shelf of the furthest aisle at Home Depot. As for Pillow Talk, I could lend you my copy but you know good and well my close association with Rock Hudson and how difficult it would be to part with this.