Friday, April 22, 2011

Messages, Day 15: Heterosexual car-thievin' assholes

Clarence the car has returned, somewhat the worse for wear. The Newton County police spotted him because his tag expired a couple days after he was stolen. So he's been languishing in an impound yard, waiting for me to bail him out. Today, $375 later, as I prepared to drive old Clarence back home, we discovered that the delinquents had unceremoniously ripped out his ignition.

(The impound-yard guy got Clarence started after a battery jump, and helpfully instructed me to keep a screwdriver with me to turn the car on and off. I declined, and had poor Clarence towed to the nearest dealership).

In addition to the ignition, the little creeps broke the lock on the trunk, poked a bunch of holes in the back seat, sliced off some of the vinyl and padding on a rear door panel, pried off the fancy "INTREPID" letters on the back, and just generally insulted Clarence's pride in a hundred other little ways.

By far the most interesting bit of vandalism, though, has to do with my bumper-stickers. I have two.  One says, "Happy Naked Pagan Dance." The thieves were apparently fine with that one because they left it alone.

The other, though, is a rainbow smiley face, and that one didn't fare so well. It seems being a hoodlum, even a dancing, earth-worshipping-in-your-birthday-suit kind of hoodlum, is considered socially acceptable. But being gay? God forbid!

Hence, the following message fail:


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  1. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Crime is such a shitty form of communication. But, I'm glad you got your car back.