Saturday, November 05, 2011

Lazy-Ass Librarian Saturday: Herman Cain on Foreign Policy. Epic Fail.

I've got a lot going on today, but I did want to pass on this must-read article about Herman Cain's "seven biggest foreign policy blunders," compliments of PBS's Need to Know.

This guy makes W. and Palin sound like foreign policy brainiacs. Even if you give him a pass on the sexual harrassment thing (which I most definitely do not), the idea of Cain being our head honcho is, well, a really bad one.

Here is the list itself, but be sure to read the details, too.

1. Cain worries that China is developing nuclear weapons – 40 years after China’s first nuclear test

2. Cain says he would negotiate with terrorists (then immediately takes it back)

3. Cain says a missile defense system would have stopped Iranian assassination plot

4. Cain questions the existence of the Palestinian people

5. Cain doesn’t know what the Palestinian “right of return” is

6. Cain doesn’t know that the government targeted a U.S. citizen for assassination (then flip flops on whether it’s okay)

7. Cain doesn’t care who the president of Uzbekistan is.

And this guy wants to be our president.


  1. Man o Man of we elect this joker, I will move to Vancouver for the duration.

    What a poorly qualified person can do we have already seen, thanks, Herm, but No Thanks. Go away before a bad thing happens to our country due to your incompetence.

  2. Oh dear! I thought we Brits had a monopoly of nutty right wing politicians - now I see from your blog and from researching Mr Cain that you have your fair share too. It really is very worrying that these people walk amongst us. What is terrifying is that many must actually believe what they say and have the potential to vote for them. There are occasions when I increasingly think perhaps democracy is a bad thing when it gives credibility to head cases like this which other head cases find attractive!