Sunday, November 12, 2017

Gratitude, uncensored.

People tell me they enjoy the semi-daily gratitude lists I post on Facebook, and their appreciation warms my heart, it truly does ... 

Sigh ... 

Here's the uncomely truth about my gratitude postings.

I am grateful to be sober today.
I'm grateful I survived that shitshow of a meeting.   I'm grateful I don't have to see that asshole again for a week  I'm grateful I met the challenge and now the meeting is behind me.
Great. Just great. I stepped in dog pee first thing this morning and right this minute  I'm not so grateful for my two little dogs.  
I'm grateful that I got to the litter pan first for a change before Hetty could eat the cat poop. 
Do I really have to wake up every morning with cat hair in my mouth?  I'm grateful for my lovely cat with the fabulous fur.
I'm grateful for a good meeting today even if the topic was gratitude
I'm grateful for my wonderful, beautiful, talented, compassionate kid. 
I'm grateful I'm becoming willing to meditate.,if you count listening to NPR while I play mahjong on my phone. 
I'm grateful that I blogged today but I know it'll be six months before I post again, and oh god, I'm 60 and I've accomplished absolutely nothing -- nothing! --  and now I'm never going to finish a single novel or play in my lifetime because I can't even finish that stupid-ass poem and besides, like an idiot I went and lost the document, which just proves I'm a completely, utterly worthless excuse for a human being and I have a hell of a lot of nerve taking up space on the planet which explains why I'll probably never, ever get laid again..
I really am grateful. But sometimes I gotta work it through.


  1. Glad to see you're really normal. sometimes all that gratitude got to me. Ruthe

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