Thursday, September 15, 2005

Jewish Trailer Life

All right, so I'm not exactly homeless, contrary to what I said in my first post. But it's seriously rustic. Our water supply consists of a well and a hose. We are using a rather primitive alternative to the septic tank. We have an older 32-foot travel trailer that, while fairly comfortable, can only be air conditioned for a couple hours at a time.

And we have a 30 x 60 building shell on a slab which was to become our house until we discovered that the builder didn't know (or didn't care) what the hell she was doing when she put it up.

But we have a lot more than the folks on the Gulf Coast have right now. In addition to occasional air conditioning, we have a pretty decent barn for the horses. And we have ten acres. Ten very pretty acres, except for the mud that appears whenever it rains (and this is Georgia, after all). And our cellphones work just fine here. If we're outside. In the driveway. Right over there at that tree.

So can a middle-aged Jewish woman find happiness on Green Acres? Well, ask me when we've gotten our mobile -- um, I mean, manufactured -- home. After all, Jews don't live in trailers.

In the meantime, I'll concentrate on what we do have: love; a fabulous view of the stars at night; and -- this is key -- satellite television.

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