Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Caroline's Been Violated

Ok, I finally got a car after being without one for almost a year. I drove her from the dealer to the parking garage at work, and then headed for St. Louis to spend a few wild and crazy days with those wild and crazy law librarians (some of whom are definitely wilder and crazier than others).

Meanwhile, some little punks were having a wild and crazy night of their own in Atlanta. They broke into several cars, including my poor Caroline. She's now missing the driver's side window, and the dash has been ripped out and the (pretty good) stereo stolen. I didn't even get to drive her home yet!

I won't say what I've been thinking about the creeps who did this. I'm too much of a lady, as you can see by my picture. Ast the same time, I'm also laughing -- my bad car karma is just too ridiculous!

Stay tuned for updates.


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