Monday, July 31, 2006

C minus 2, and counting

C is for closing, as in real estate. We have been living in a plumbing-less, air-conditionless travel trailer amidst 10 acres of mud for two years. We have been trying to build or buy a house. We have had many obstacles. Many. Some self-imposed and some just the luck of the draw.

Now, it appears, we are two days away from closing on a house. A real house with A/C and a real, live bathroom. With 10 acres of pasture, instead of mud, for the horses. It’s fabulous, it’s too good to be true, and I am afraid to get excited about it – but we are so close that I almost can’t help myself. We’ve had it inspected, the appraisal has been done, and it’s beginning to look like it just might happen.

It has a laundry room. Shall I shower first, or do laundry? Perhaps I’ll just soak my feet in the washing machine for a few hours. Ahhhhhh.

With any luck at all, my next post will be from home. Home.


  1. That's so exciting and I wish you the best of luck.

    Take a shower, do the laundry, take another shower.

  2. Or bring your laundry with you into the shower!

    I'm pulling for you and hope all goes well, it sounds lovely.