Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Oh, What You Said!

But please know from my heart that I am not an anti-Semite. I am not a bigot.

Oh, really? OK, I know everybody is on the Mel Gibson bandwagon. But it’s sort of a fun and interesting bandwagon, so I want to get on it, too. Just for a minute.

First of all, I do think it’s admirable that MG wants to meet with Jewish leaders to try to heal the ginormous rift he’s created. But it would be a lot more admirable if he just admitted he was anti-Semitic, instead of denying it. Denying a fact doesn’t make it false. I could go all kinds of directions with that statement but I won’t bother – except to mention that Mel Gibson is partnering with Disney on a miniseries about the Holocaust, which is sort of like Madalyn Murray O’Hair making a movie about the Resurrection.

Still, the most interesting part of the whole Mel debacle isn’t that he made anti-Semitic remarks to the arresting officer (‘cause let’s face it, that’s not such a big surprise). No, the best part of the story is what he said after they took him down to headquarters.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not making excuses for him. But someday – if this poor asshole ever gets sober – he’s going to be telling his story at a 12-step meeting: “Well, let me just put it to you this way. It’s really not a good idea to call a female cop Sugar Tits after you’re arrested.” I don’t know about you, but I’d sure laugh.

What a jerk. But I still hope he gets his ass straightened out. It’s gonna be a long road.


  1. I can tell you from experience that I made many unfortunate remarks while drinking. I didn't always remember but I could count on people reminding me the next day.

    They were, however, things I had stifled and was much too polite to say when sober. Nothing came out of left field.

    The anti-semitism may have just come out but he certainly has a long history of "unfortunate" sexist remarks and a touch of homophobia as well.

    Some of our oldtimers used to say "sober up a drunken a**hole and you'll get a sober a**hole. I do hope that's not true of him. His 9th step should keep him busy for a while.

    Disney cancelled btw or so I read on the news.