Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Law and Sausage

(Please forgive any weird formatting and punctuation issues. I m doing this on my phone.)

So many bills, so little time... I am in the gallery at the state capitol listening to a senator explain why the budget for 2011 is so freaking depressing. The senate has 45 bills on its calendar for today, including the budget. So I think I m gonna be here for a while.

One might question whether this is the best way to make laws: they meet for 37 days for a couple hours a day, not getting a whole lot done, and then they rush through 150 bills in the last 3 days of the session in marathon 12-hour days with loads of secret meetings.

Turns out that tired old chestnut is true: Making law really is like making sausage. Except that the latter is prettier and much more efficient.

(And yes, I am qualified to make this statement about sausage, because in the fourth grade I went on a field trip to the Cudahy meat packing plant, and my mom was one of the chaperones. But we got gypped, because the kids on the other bus got cow teeth as a souvenir and all we got was one raw hot dog per kid, and most of the hot dogs ended up in the pocket of the white lab coat my mother had to wear - except not mine, because I think I ate it. And my mom wouldnt cook meat for a month, which isnt surprising considering that the tour included a room with very wet, very slippery floors and a big old table with the chopped up faces of just-butchered cows, including a lone eyeball or two.).

Ummm... What was I talking about again?

Oh, yeah. about how meat processing is prettier than lawmaking. And so it is.

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