Friday, October 21, 2011

It's not always about the politics.

Okay, so I was reading a discussion thread on about the "war on Christianity." (yes, it's just about that time of year again). But that's not the subject of my post today. Within the thread I was delighted to find this little bit of dialog. By the way, I am not questioning the sincerity of any of the participants, or their good intentions. 
 ROBERT:  What non-evangelical Christians disapprove of is the appalling ignorance,narrow-mindedness,intolerance and self-righteousness of so many Christians. Their terrible hostility to gay people and blindly irrational fear of the entirely imaginary "sinister gay agenda" to "recruit" children in schools and "corrupt their morality and morality in general.
And the appalling hypocrisy of the anti-choice movement ,which is determined to force poor women to give birth to children they would never be able to support or give birth even if a pregnancy would kill them or ruin their health, or a pregnancy was the result of rape or incest. And the movement's total lack of concern for children who HAVE been born.
ANN: I feel sorry for you with the fullness of my Christian heart. You live in the narrow confines of your groins and see me through the filth, stench and darkness of your groins.
Believe me I could never hate you but pray for you to come out of the hell you insist to dwell in, breathe in some fresh air; see the glory of God's light He created for you too to enjoy. Give yourself the chance to be healthy and joyous as God intended you to be.
DEAN: I'm pretty sure Robert only has one groin.
I've been debating whether to post this -- I try not to make fun of anyone except myself, but this is so sweetly funny in its own twisted way that I couldn't resist. If you think I'm over the line, I hope you'll tell me.


  1. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Did he mean to say 'loins?'

  2. Alison3:01 PM

    This comment makes me feel bad about the stench and darkness of my groins, even though I took a shower this morning, with bar soap AND shower gel! I think this lady might needs to lighten up a little bit about the groins already. And dubious grammar aside, I feel bad for both sides in this discussion -- the victims of this kind of intolerance, and the victims who were unfortunately taught to spew it.

  3. I think that's what she meant, Kristin. Bless her heart.

  4. Filth stench and darkness? Could be a simple yeast infection. Just sayin.

  5. Oh, my, Fireblossom! You could be right!