Monday, November 14, 2005

I Feel Completely and Utterly Powerless to Help

One of my daughter’s favorite public personalities has passed away. Her heart is shattered in little pieces all over the floor today, and so, therefore, is mine. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to keep her sheltered from grief like this! I know it’s for the best. G-d knows I’ve never figured out how to grieve gracefully. But oh, if only, if only!


  1. My thoughts are with your daughter. When our "heroes" or "idols" (not in the Biblical sense) or others we look up to die, it's like losing close family members.

  2. I remember that a favorite rock star of mine died when I was a teenager and I was completely crushed by it. That seems silly now that I am much older, but at the time, my world felt like it was at an end.

    Public personalities are so in the public that they feel like they are part of the family.