Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunshine in the Disenchanted Forest

Disenchanted Forest has an interesting post that makes an analogy between "recovered" homosexuals (a la Exodus) and Jews who feign conversion to Christianity to avoid persecution. In her post, she points out that "recovered" homosexuals don't usually say they're heterosexuals. Instead, they say they're living as heterosexuals -- a very different thing.

I have not checked D.F.'s facts regarding how these folks refer to themselves. But the analogy, plus the differentiation between being and doing, provide important and cogent talking points.


  1. Say there were only two flavors of ice cream in the world - vanilla and chocolate. And also say that you have a real preference for chocolate - that it is the one thing in the world that makes you happiest, but most of the world were passionate vanilla fans. And say you could only get chocolate ice cream in a few places, so you ate vanilla all of the time like everyone else. Would this mean that you really liked vanilla ice cream? Would it matter that you truly liked chocolate to anyone except yourself? If there were several vanilla ice cream manufacturers who said that chocolate ice cream was an abomination - an accident of the ice cream world - abhorrent in every way - abnormal even, could it really change your preference?

    Fortunately there are many flavors of ice cream in the world - a veritable plethora ranging on a spectrum of plain to wild and crazy - and we are allowed to choose the flavor that we like the best even if we were programmed genetically, by factors in the womb, by peer pressure, by environmental factors or merely by experimentation. I love ice cream, and I'm pretty sure everyone in the world does too. Some of us might not eat ice cream because we've sworn it off or on a diet, but everyone really likes ice cream. The love of ice cream was programmed into us just as much as the flavor that we like. And I sure am glad that nobody can tell me that the flavor of ice cream that makes me the happiest is the wrong flavor because they happen to have a book that they also happen to promote and says which flavor is the best flavor of ice cream and mine is not it.

    And for those who eat vanilla ice cream even though they really like chocolate - ya can't believe a word they say. And vice versa.

  2. I agree -- saying and doing are two different things. Just like "living as" and "being" a heterosexual is two very different things. The same argument applies to faithful/religious and righteous/self-righteous