Friday, January 13, 2006

Dark Memeries

A few days ago I was memed by Brian -- this time to show my darker side. Ummm.... Not sure I want to let you peek all the way in there, but here are the five bad habits he requested.

1. I am an accomplished procrastinator, especially when it comes to making phone calls or writing something I think will be hard. I could try to sugarcoat it and tell you it's because I work better under pressure, but the fact is, it's usually a fear thing. And the fear has to do with coming face to face either with me or with someone else. There's nothing scarier than a blank page that I'm supposed to fill up something intelligent.

2. I'm a terrible slob. This comes as no surprise to people who know me. It's not the best characteristic for a librarian to have, I've found.

3. My wife says I have a bad attitude. Awww, what the hell does she know?

4. I'm terrible with money. At least, when I don't have much. I'm a lot better when I have plenty. Which, because I'm so terrible with money, isn't very often. Hmmm. Something circular going on there....

5. I have terrible eating habits. Although a group of dear friends (you know who you are!) may have just stepped up to assist me with that, thank goodness.

Now.... If you're reading this, and you want to play at home, consider yourself tagged. What are your bad habits? If you're not a blogger, feel free to post your answers here.


  1. As bad habits go, I've seen worse and done worse.

    We have one favorite book in common.

    How did I miss your blog? Just came over from Gary.

    Anyhow, I'm a great-grandmother raising three little girls, I have a gay 33 year old son, and I'm a member of PFLAG. Now retired and moved from San Francisco to the CA central valley. Oops.

    I like your blog. I have a small, chatty family blog and share a political blog with another great-grannie.

    You're welcome at either one. The link on granny will take you to is shown on the sidebar.

    Sorry about length but wanted to give you an idea of who was suddenly breaking into your comment box.

  2. Granny, I'm delighted you're here!

  3. I could go with that procrastination and bad with money thing, too.