Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A War by Any Other Name...

It's always nice when someone else finishes a job that I started. Consider, for example, my previous examination of the "war on Christmas." As you may recall, I did a little preliminary research to see whether Christians are really being discriminated against. I did so because people I respect seemed to be jumping on the war-on-Christmas bandwagon. Upon my initial investigation it seemed to me, although I didn't say so at the time, that Christianity was sitting pretty even in places like Target where the wingnuts were drawing the battle lines.

Now Bark/Bite has written an excellent piece on the war on Christianity. After reading his thoughtful, albeit ascerbic, post, I am taking the "war on Christianity" off my investigative to-do list.

When anyone is truly being discriminated against on the basis of their religion, I hope I'll be right there fighting by their side. The fact is, though, the "War on Christianity" is a cleverly disguised war being waged by fundamentalist anti-others against every style of religion except their own. These anti-others -- who, by the way, are waging war on a lot of Christians themselves -- are simply choosing a term for their war that they hope will disarm their enemies (i.e. anyone who respects diversity), and draw people to their side who would otherwise see through their lies. It's the stuff that marketing dreams are made of.

Well, all righty, then. If it's really a war you want, folks, there are plenty of us who can accommodate you. But I'll be fighting with the other side.


  1. For more insight on the war on xmas, read this.

  2. Don't you just love it when the in-power majority, who is constantly shouting down dissenting viewpoints, whines about being oppressed? ;)