Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Oh, PABBIS, I am Librarian, Hear Me Roar!

From – Parents Against Bad Books in Schools – comes a truly remarkable news release about The Evil That Is the American Library Association. I’ve heard tirades against the ALA before, but this one takes the cake. But don’t trust me, read some excerpts for yourself:

The un-American ALA has taken the American constitutional right of freedom of speech and has perverted it into their right to push graphic and explicit smut on children. ALA and ALA affiliate brown boot bullies are constantly working to implement their weird social Marxist agenda. What started, purportedly, as a professional union-like organization for librarians has morphed into a powerful, dangerous, leftist, extremist organization.

In schools and libraries you are seeing and will continue to see increasing use of graphic and explicit books. The ALA and ALA affiliates will continue to promote the vulgarization and sexualization of children - or even better in their view - the homosexualization.

Future librarians and English teachers are trained to promote, select, acquire, use and defend smutty books by their college professors, who are even more leftist and social marxist than average college professors, who in turn are more leftist and social marxist than typical Americans. These "properly thinking" and "trained" students graduate, and become English teachers and librarians and ALA and National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) members.
This part is true. In my Children’s Lit courses they wouldn’t let us read anything but smut. And my law library has just gotten an ALA grant to develop our new “Smut: Smuttier and Smuttiest” collection.

While public school teachers and public and school librarians formerly acted as public servants, that is no longer the case. They have become public masters. Many of them, deluded in their self-perceived "professional" knowledge and importance, think they know what is best for all of society including you and your children.
Still a little bitter because we couldn’t get into library school, aren’t we?

To PABBIS it appears that the ALA is successfully running a huge racketeering or terrorist operation for the political indoctrination and moral corruption of children.

Geez. So the ALA is really Al Capone, Osama bin Laden, and Chairman Mao all wrapped up in one nasty package! Well now, this does trouble me. I mean, if it’s true, how come I’m still living in a trailer?

A very small insular group of powerful like minded leftists has control of the ALA. Just as college English and library professors are to the left of typical leftist college professors, the ALA leadership is to the left of a typical leftist ALA member. ALA leadership is a small group of very (usually aging) leftist, social marxist, pro-sexualization, pro-homosexualization, pro-atheist, pro-"multi-culturalism", pro-"world government", pro-world tax, anti (especially Christian) religion, pro-porn, America bashing, America blaming people. All, repeat all, are way to the left of middle America.

Hey – now that’s really hitting below the belt. I’m not old!

Oh, well. I just hope someday one of my books ends up on PABBIS’ list of bad books. To be among that distinguished group would indeed be an honor.

I realize that by publishing this blog entry – and by including key phrases like PABBIS, Parents Against Bad Books in Schools, PABBIS, and PABBIS, I may come to this group’s attention. Well, you know what they say about publicity.

PABBIS, honey, get a life already. Just keep it out of my face.


  1. At first I thought you were serious. What a relief to read the rest of the post.

    Glanced at the list. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings?

    Are they both stupid and fascist?

  2. The Giver?!? That's one of my favorite books, and has been since I read it in third grade. It took me following a few links to find out why there are objections to it, and it seems primarily that they don't like that a newborn baby is killed for having a low birth weight. They think:

    "The murder of the baby happens in a context that allows euthanasia for the good of the community. Such suggestions will desensitize most children to the value of life whether the town calls for killing "low birth weight" babies or for euthanizing old people no longer useful to the community."

    But the point of the book is that this utopian society isn't as good as most of its inhabitants think. Jonas learns the truth in his new role as receiver, and he comes to realize the actual horror of the way the community is run. So, the story, to me at least, seems to share the disgust of the newborn murder just as much as these book banners do. Children wouldn't come away from that book believing that its alright to murder a child. Bah.

    Of course, they'd probably think that I'm trying to push some "weird social Marxist agenda" and that I'm trying to support some anti-American terrorist organization. Sheesh.

    I should use that "bad books" list as my reading list.

  3. *pouts* My book didn't make the list. I guess I'm not smutty enough. BTW, did you get a chance to read it when the Library received it?

  4. Brian, Yep! I'm hoping to have a time to write a review in the next week or so.

  5. Somehow the Bible isn't on the list. The stories of Onan, Jacob, Sodom, Gommorrah, etc, etc. So much "know"ing and "going into" in that book...whew.

    Sound like a bunch of hypocrites.

  6. I now have a list of books that I know I should read.

  7. I am not a member of ALA, but hearing it described as a "powerful, dangerous, leftist, extremist organization" makes me want to sign up.

  8. Many of those leftist, social marxist, pro-sexualization, pro-homosexualization, pro-atheist, pro-"multi-culturalism", pro-"world government", pro-world tax, anti (especially Christian) religion, pro-porn, America bashing, America blaming librarians are my good friends! I google their names sometimes just to see who is badmouthing them/us today.

  9. Hooo, boy, they've got springs comin' out their heads, don't they? I wonder what *is* on the approved reading list. Elsie Dinsmore, perhaps? William "Bookie of Virtues" Bennet's treacly anthology? "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God?"

  10. ...oy. Don't you love how sites like these make sure to include heavy swatches of the offensive material (all carefully asterisked on the dirtiest words, of course, like pasties on strippers)? They catalogue each and every one of the depravities we're all supposed to be watching out for with an exactingness worthy of Joe-Bob Briggs, if Joe Bob Briggs were a fundie and had a brick dropped on his head. ("Porn fu. Lesbian fu. Drug fu. Fornication fu. Blasphemy fu. PABBIS sez don't let your kids check it out." Actually, come to think of it, that'd take up less bandwidth than all the excerpting; maybe I should suggest it to them).