Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

Topic One:  First, let me just mention that there’s a good reason I’m not posting as much these days:  my only Internet access is at work and the school is cracking down on Internet usage because of bandwidth limitations – at least for the next couple of months.  So I’m sort of being watched.  I’m working on getting independent Internet access and hope to get that set up in the next week or two.  Anyway, I apologize and I’m so appreciative that you are sticking with me!

Now back to my regular programming.  

Topic Two:   They say that politics makes strange bedfellows, but I think it’s writing that does that.  I’m currently doing a resume for a client who is somewhere right of right-wing.  He’s working for a well-known extreme-right anti-gay organization.  No, not the KKK.  Not quite that far right…  I don’t think…  But he wears his values on his sleeves and more importantly, on his resume.    

I find myself uncomfortable with this.  I half-expected this client to ask me if I’m a Christian.   Instead, he was very nice, very grateful, and very gracious when I spoke with him on the phone.  

I’m grateful for clients like this, even though they make me uncomfortable.  They make me think.  I abhor what this person does for a living, but if I’m really for equality and diversity, then shouldn’t I take that stand for everyone – not just the ones that make it easy?  

But then I am faced with the fact that he’s probably not for equality and diversity.  In fact, if he knew more about me, he might even request a different editor.   What do I do with that information?  

And then there’s the side of me that says, I don’t want to do work for people like this, but I can’t afford to turn him down.    Is that hypocritical, or just realistic?  

Finally, there’s that voice that says, “so what if he’s a wingnut?  His money is just as good as anyone else’s.”

So…  Just what does it mean to stand for something?  



  1. I'm just saying hello and I'm glad you're back. I can see both sides and only you can decide.

    There, wasn't that a great help?

  2. The inner child in me says to creat a child-like resume. But the professional in me says make your money count. However, I would be quick to advise him that religious and political affiliations are the major reasons recruiters reject highly qualified candidates.