Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Death Penalty Redux

I’ve always been a strong opponent of the death penalty.  Now that I’ve read this article, though, I think I may need to reconsider.  


  1. This was on Blogging Baby yesterday and I restrained myself from expressing my true thoughts.

    I'm against capital (and usually even corporal) punishment but some kids could almost make me change my mind.

  2. Must be bad parenting.

  3. Definitely makes me reconsider my position on corporal punishment. Also on defenestration. Oh, wait, I was already in favor of that.

  4. Okay now - who needs to be executed here: the kid with the gum; the artist; the security guards... or the patrons? I'd go for the artist, but that's just because we live in a free society :)

    De Vinci would have just dabbed some paint on it and hauled his ass back up the scaffold.

    I like your humour.