Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's Half a Century and ... Oh... Uh, Never Mind...

Yes, folks, it's 50. The Big Five-Oh. Fifty-fifty-fifty-fifty. Half a century. Two quarters of a century put together. Eligible to join AARP! And as I mentioned a few days ago, so far so good.

Except. . . didn't my ex-husband just mention to me that it was his 50th birthday? And ... wait, I didn't think we were the same age .... We're just a couple months apart? No, that's not right ... Let me think . . . x + y, carry the one ...


Seems I celebrated the half-way point a little prematurely. I'm 49, not 50.

Color me embarrassed. But young!


  1. Lol...I did that with my 25th a few years ago. Left my wallet at a bar where I was celebrating...the girl at the bar across the street walked it over, asked how old I was, and I couldn't remember.

    Lol...don't sweat it.

    Happy birthday!

  2. I always try to make my younger son one year younger than he is. I was there; you'd think I'd remember.

    Belated Happy Birthday - Fifty can be nifty next year.