Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bush The Conqueror: An Update

A big, big thanks to Anonymous, who(m)ever you are, for the tip confirming that Family Security Matters’ website once listed a phone number belonging to the Center for Security Policy. Following his/her directions, I was able to locate an old version of an FSM web page via the “Wayback Machine,” an archive of web pages from 1996 to the present. That page did, indeed, list a phone number.

(As a librarian-type, I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know how to find old web pages. But I’m certainly glad to know now, and you can be sure my Advanced Legal Research class will learn about it, too.)

Anyway, I did a reverse phone search on the phone number and sure enough, the White Pages lists it as belonging to the Center for Security Policy. This is good, because CSP gives me the creeps and I really didn’t want to call the number to see who answers.

Thanks also to Dr. Zen, who pointed out that I was describing something called the Overton Window, a method of political maneuvering that makes bad ideas more palatable to the public by expressing even worse ideas. Very interesting stuff.

The bottom line is this: Family Security Matters is a front for the Center for Security Policy, which has direct ties to the White House and the Department of Defense. And on August 3, FSM printed an article by one of its contributing editors saying G.W. should refuse to leave the White House in 2008. Now, I think that’s just plain scary, and that’s why I thought it would make good fiction before I found out someone was actually thinking about it.

Am I predicting that Bush will try to take over the U.S. in 2008? No, I’m an optimist. But you should know that my predication skills aren’t so great. For example, I didn’t predict that we’d have a public debate about whether torture is good or bad. So, notwithstanding the utterly ridiculous image of Bush as a Roman warrior complete with oversized breastplate, I figure forewarned is forearmed.


  1. He really does scare me does Bush, I have heard all sorts of conspiracy theories about him, I have even read somewhere that he was involved in the twin towers getting destroyed so that it would public support behind the invasion of Iraq, I find that real hard to believe but like u say who knows.
    In UK we got a new PM now, Tony Blair was seen as one of Bush's Puppets and the jury is still out whether Brown will do the same, he has the same initials!
    Very interesting and though inspiring reading BTW, I will definately be back for more