Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ewwww! Wingnuts All Over Me!

Okay, so the way I pay the bills is by writing resumes. I’m a subcontractor for one of the many, many resume services out there. No, I’m not advertising my services. (Although I can be had, and for a lot less than the resume service will charge you. But I digress.)

Anyway….. I was working on a resume for someone who wants a job doing nonprofit work. Philanthropy. “Oh,” I thought. “How nice!” The last nonprofit person turned out to be really great. So naturally, I assumed…

Anyway….. in the course of writing this resume, I researched the organization my client used to work for. Turns out the Head Cheese of this organization is somewhere waaay right of Pat Robertson. Well, come to think of it, that’s pretty hard to do. Maybe old Pat just hides it a little better.

Anyway…… What to do, what to do? Do I sabotage the resume? Go on a diatribe about the organization? Give you little hints about who these people are so you can do the dirty work?

Naw. It wouldn’t stop the organization, and I’d just get fired. Besides, it would be wrong. (Yes, lawyers do have such thoughts from time to time. At least, ex-lawyers do.)

Instead, I’m taking the tactic advocated by my property law professor, a well-known thinker in the Critical Legal Studies movement. Sabotage the smart way. From the inside.

So, I did good work. And while I was doing good work, I learned. I learned a little more about how these organizations operate. How they portray themselves. Someday, in a way that has nothing to do with my client, I’ll apply the knowledge. Peacefully.

But in the meantime…

Ewwwwww !!!!! Little wingnuts everywhere !!!!! Get them off of me !!!!!

Wow…like, I seriously need a shower.

PS. To the FBI and CIA who will, no doubt, read this because they can: I do not necessarily subscribe to CLS beliefs. Frankly, CLS writing is really hard to read and I don't have the patience to see if I agree or not.


  1. Some of us decided to answer a Focus on the Family survey (to skew the results). We ended up on their mailing lists which works quite while because we can keep up with their latest inanity.