Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday: In which the Subversive Librarian attempts to face her writer's block head-on.

So. Can a fourth-rate hack writer with serious creative blockage find happiness and fulfillment typing furiously with only her thumbnails on a tiny cellphone keyboard (I mean, I'm hauling ass at 7 wpm) while watching traffic from her 23rd-floor office window and wasting what little is left of her lunch hour? Well, who the fuck knows. But I've got to do something with all this pissy angst.

Uh, let's see... Depending on how you define "swearing," I got somewhere between one and three swear words into that paragraph. And yes, that did make me feel a little better. Except "pissy" doesn't quite work there, and my use of "fuck" is a transparently cheap attempt to shock the reader, and...

Oh, shit. Lunch is over.

This is soooo not going to work.

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