Monday, May 31, 2010

Hark! The sound of my own ego!

I had this great post all written out, full of wise insight. Took me two days to finish.

But this morning, I edited out sentence after sentence until there was nothing left, because it turned out to be a boatload of self-serving crap.

So I got nothin'.


  1. My, what a pure posting this is, just glowing with humility. I'll just read it again and again. Like a mantra.

  2. Joy M3:12 AM

    Thank you for staying sober & sharing your recovery.I'm a man in recovery,in india.I will come back & read more.Will be grateful if you emil me .
    Have a marvelous day in recovery.
    Love n (((HUGs)))
    Joy M.

  3. Joy, thank you. I'm glad you're here!

    As for you, Mark, I'm not quite sure if you're teasing me. But what the hell, I'm gonna take it as a compliment. So thank you, too!