Monday, May 17, 2010

Yeah. Funny.

About this house thing. I’m scheduled to close a week from today. I continue my prayer of “bless it or block it” and so far, the transaction has flowed almost effortlessly. Indeed, the experience has been full of little miracles. Little, but striking.

Last Friday I needed to fax eighteen pages of contracts and paperwork to my attorney, but I didn’t have a fax machine. I was tempted to fax it from work for free, but that’s forbidden and I’m trying to follow the rules these days. Well, at work anyway.

 I’m a Craigslist junkie, and at least once a day I check the “free” category. (Okay, fine, so I’m outing myself as a dumpster diver. What of it?) Amazingly, on Friday, the day I wanted to send the fax, a fax machine showed up on Craigslist for free! I mean, it’s uncanny!

I whipped off an email to the gentleman and waited. Nothing. Clearly someone had gotten to it before me. Good free stuff goes fast like that.

When Monday morning rolled around, I realized I was just going to have to cough up the money to pay for a fax. At lunchtime, I headed over to Kinko’s and sent off the fax.

Later that afternoon, I checked my personal email. And there it was: an email from the Craigslist guy saying the fax machine was mine if I still wanted it. Time sent: 8:30 a.m.

If I had I checked my email before I left for Kinko’s, I wouldn’t have had to pay for the fax. Damn!

No doubt there will be other faxes to send before this house purchase is completed, though, so I told the guy I wanted it.

On my way to work the next morning, I stopped to pick up the fax machine. As I carried it back to the car, I reflected on how grateful and amazed I was at how things work out. And, I admit, I congratulated myself a on how fucking spiritual I’ve gotten lately. I mean, really, I should get a special chip or something for how well I’m aligning my will with God’s.

I stuffed the fax machine into my trunk and got in the car to head for work. And that’s when it hit me. You need a land line to run a fax machine. I don’t have a land line. I haven’t had one in years. The fax machine wouldn’t have done me a bit of good.

But I still got the message: Great rewards will come to me if I just have faith. If I’m properly aligned with the Universe, it’ll work out almost like magic.

That, and God likes to laugh at me.

So, um… Anyone need a fax machine?

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