Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bow Unto the Power of the Lesbians?

If you listen to the likes of "Reverend" Willie Wilson, you already know that you can't even turn around without stepping on a lesbian these days. That, of course, explains why people are so afraid of us. (Wilson, case you haven't heard, refused to let Keith Boykin speak at the Millions More March, even though Farrakhan had already extended an invitation.)

Can you feel the power of the lesbian? Boy, I sure can!

Except, maybe, when I hear about one-year-old Morgan, the adopted daughter of Becki Hamilton and Kim Brennan. An Indiana judge has ordered that Morgan be taken away from her mothers, even though the adoption is already final, solely because Becki and Kim are lesbians.

And except, maybe, when I hear about the six girls in Abuja, Nigeria, who have each been sentenced to 90 strokes with a cane for performing lesbian acts of some sort. The girls range from age 12 to 17.

Oh, and except, maybe, when I read about my government performing “illegal covert propaganda” to push its anti-gay agenda.

Yes, be afraid. Be very afraid. But not of us.

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