Thursday, October 06, 2005

Oh, Lord, I am in so many ways tired....

No clever patter today; no well-written essays (or any other kind) on my views about Harriet Miers or the python that shouldn't have eaten the alligator or gay marriage. Just one very tired post to summarize the events of the past three weeks... 1. Melda was in a bad car accident. She lost control of her truck and it flipped three times. She was knocked out and when she "came to," she was upside down. Thank G-d for seatbelts. She was airlifted to Grady hospital and stayed there for three days. A great place to get your life saved (though, as it turns out, she didn't need too much help surviving) and then a good place to get the hell out of. I threw a full-blown hissy fit complete with tears and the F-word very loud when they wouldn't let me stay overnight with her. On my way out that night (seeing as how I lost that particular battle), I told one of the staffers that her charge nurse is a dickhead. My guess is that she agreed. Anyway, she's ok; spent three days at that horrible place and came home with an impressive assortment of huge and colorful bruises. I took a week off to keep her company. She's still got some residual pain and just generally isn't feeling well, but it's a whole lot better than it could have been. 2. The truck wasn't so lucky. But as it turns out, the insurance company will be giving us more than we paid for it, and that's after putting a whole lot of miles on it. So that's great news. I just "snipered" a car on Ebay for her: a 1995 Saab 900 convertible. We'll pick it up in a few days. 3. For those who know me, I've been laid off of my moonlighting job as of next Friday. I discovered an ad for my job on the atlanta press club website -- turns out he wanted someone full time and he can't afford me. As far as I know he's happy with my work but I am pretty pissed off at how I found out about it. There goes my chance to get on the air. Oh, well. Anyway I am job hunting, either for a really good full-time job or a pretty good part-time one. Which is a big part of the reason I'm tired. I'd have lots more to say about it but this is a public forum. 4. Great news. We have found a house. It turns out to be about the same price to buy a second home as it is to build a home on the farm land. We found a fabulous little property on Lake Jackson. With lots of lake frontage. Turns out it's owned by an acquaintance. I am very happy about this! Hopefully nothing will go wrong with the transaction. I have drafted the paperwork and I'm waiting for a reply. We have given them an earnest money check and we've been given the key so I'm very hopeful. More about the house tomorrow, I hope. 5. I guess that's it. 6. George Bush is a turd-brain.

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