Sunday, October 09, 2005

Harriet's Face

All righty, then. I've recovered sufficiently from my life to comment now on Harriet Miers, the President's choice to replace the venerable Sandra Day O'Connor.

Frankly, I'm simply not smart enough to make a judgment about Harriet Miers. But I always listen to what James Dobson says, and he likes her. And so does Dubbya. So she's ok with me.

Ok, I'm just kidding. But let's face it: most Americans won't take the time to investigate H.M. even though it's pretty easy to do via Google. Instead, they'll listen to their favorite political pundits -- James Dobson, Sean Hannity, Randi Rhoades, Al Franken, their spiritual advisor, Mickey Mouse -- and go along.

Problem is, this time conservatives are all topsy-turvy on the subject. Michael Savage doesn't think much of her, last I heard. James Dobson likes her. Can't these people agree on anything?

As a librarian, I know better. I know that I've got to figure these things out for myself. So I've done my own investigation and I'm now ready to give you my opinion:

I like her.

Why? Well, for one thing, I'm pretty sure she hasn't had a face lift in the past ten years, and I like that.

Plus, she's sort of old, and I like that too. Not old old but, you know, kind of old at 60. And that means she won't be on the court for as long as some of the people W. could have picked.

Finally, I like her name. Harriet. It just says Mom and apple pie, don't you think? Harriet Nelson. Harriet the TV maid... Oh, wait a minute, I'm thinking of Hazel. No matter; I bet she can clean house with the best of them.

Ok, so she has no experience. But you have to be a pretty good lawyer to end up working in the White House, right? Look at Nixon. Look at Quayle. Look at Ashcroft.


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