Saturday, January 01, 2011

Sitting on my laurels...

Well, whaddya know! My modest little blog is five years old! So I’m patting myself on the back with links to some of my favorite posts. Yeah, I know, it’s self-serving and pretty darned lazy.  But hey, it’s my blog and there is some stuff on here that I’m proud of. More posts, even, than the ones I’ve listed. So there. 

Feel free to comment either here or at the original posts. Please. I love comments. I crave comments. Oh, let's face it: I NEED comments to confirm my worth as a human being!

Anyway, I enjoyed writing these posts and hope you enjoy reading them. Again. 

(Oh. Did I mention I like comments?)

“Bless It or Block It”
On seeking guidance from the Universe.

You and Your FUD: Ladies, Submit No More!
Strike a blow against patriarchy: Pee standing up!

The Transition Begins.
Parenting meets the end of childhood.

Regrets 'R' Us
Maybe there's a parallel universe where I got it right.

There are other things I must never forget.
Reflections on the anniversary of 9/11.

Back from the Dead to Yell at ... Us?
Standing up for Ann Coulter. Sigh.

More on Doc Meyers, and on Abstinence
On abstinence-only sex education.

Part of the Gig
My kid takes an unexpected turn, and I try to adjust.

The Subversive Librarian
Subversive equals cool. (This is how the blog got its name.)


  1. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Wow. Five years. And yet i just discovered it today and am the only appreciative commenter *pats self on the back... sarcastically*

  2. Wait a second. What an incestuous literary bunch we are. Commentor "gapingwhole" left a comment on my posting on Bilerico two days ago. I followed his link to his blog (which is smart and fab) and left a remark yesterday. He then left a comment on MY blog earlier today and, presumably while there, saw my link to THIS blog site and came and read it and left this comment tonight.

    So, Librarian, I brought you a reader and you *totally* owe me.


  3. Yeah, well... I can't think of an unsnarky response to that, Mark. But gapingwhole, I am very glad to have you, and in the best incestuous-writer tradition I will check out your site as well. As for you, Mark, I suppose you've proven useful from time to time as well. ;)